Carr: that you can wager the hacks will screw it up

The hacks on Beacon Hill are slipping — it’s been just about two weeks considering the Supreme court docket gave the ok to legalized activities having a bet nationwide, and no person on the State house has yet stepped as much as suggest what the hackerama so most likely wants.

specifically, the Massachusetts sports betting ity, however for acronym applications, I choose to call it the MA having a bet on sports ity — the BS ity, because it will heretofore be favourite.

Motto: “When it comes to BS, we’re the ity.”

This could be very massive — the ancient football cards “for use for amusement Daftar Poker applications only” were engaging ample. however now, with apps, it’ll be possible to wager on every pitch, every down, every possession, each soar ball, counting on the activity. And the commonwealth will of route want its cut, because it’s working the best protection racket.

They name it “the legislations.”

This new racket is all about “sanctuary” — a very big be aware on the State apartment this present day. in the wake of disgraced former Sens. Stan Rosenberg and Brian “assorted choice” Joyce, the ultimate unindicted solons simply handed a resolution declaring the state a sanctuary for all unlawful MS-13 gang bangers and heroin buyers who can’t make it to the federal courthouse or decide Timothy Feeley’s courtroom in Salem.

however the actual sanctuary all hacks are all the time looking for is sanctuary from work, and that’s the place the BSA comes in.

The BSA can supply a whole new hackerama to be populated by all the average suspects who haven’t already retired to UMass, or Massport, or some far-off courthouse, or … the Mass. Gaming commission.

The MGC would seem to be one of the vital likely candidates to try to grab a bit of the bookies’ business, and certain ample, final week, they made their flow:

“Mass. Gaming board chair says states may still oversee sports bets.”

but the day after that headline, the MGC chairman, a lifelong trough-feeder named Steve Crosby, all started backtracking. He claimed the commission has “no place” on legalization, despite his press release in fact endorsing it.

“That’s no longer what we supposed to claim,” he mumbled. “It become actually field to misinterpretation.”

basic MGC. they can’t even issue a statement with out an enormous screw up. Of all of the ridiculously inept andor obnoxious groups in Massachusetts, the MGC could be the absolute worst.

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